The Correlation Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse

mental health & substance abuse

Mental health and substance abuse are complex issues that can often be intertwined. Many people with mental health disorders also struggle with substance abuse and vice versa. Understanding the correlation between the two is crucial for effective treatment and Read more

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Childhood Trauma and Addiction: The Science Behind The Risk

childhood trauma and addiction
Uncover the link between childhood trauma and addiction in adulthood. We'll explore the science behind this risk, and offer insight on how to address it. Read more
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What Are the Long-Term Sobriety Statistics (and my chance for sobriety)?

long-term sobriety
Get the facts: learn about long-term sobriety statistics and what they mean for those seeking recovery from substance abuse. Is sobriety possible for you? Read more
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4 Important Steps to Support a Loved One With Addiction

help loved one in recovery
Struggling to understand how to Support a Loved One With Addiction? These four simple steps can provide moral, physical, and emotional support. Read more
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Understanding the Social Stigmas of Sobriety

stigma of sobriety
Are you worried about the Social Stigmas of Sobriety? Here’s an actionable guide showing you how to move past those and regain control over your life. Read more
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10 Common Myths About Drug Use And Treatment

drug use myths
Don't let Misconceptions About Drug Use stop you from getting the help you need! Eliminate ten commonly-held myths about drug use, abuse, and treatment. Read more
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Making it Through Cravings: How to Overcome Temptation and Stay Sober

understand your triggers
It isn't easy to overcome temptation and stay sober, but it's possible! Get the strategies you need to kick cravings to the curb and stay sober successfully. Read more
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Find Ways To Cope: Managing Your Mental Health During Addiction Recovery

Better manage your mental health during addiction recovery with this article! It contains practical tips and advice to take control of your life and start a successful path toward healing. Read more
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Reuniting With Family Members After Addiction: A Guide to Positive Results

reuniting with family members
Struggling to rebuild relationships after addiction? Learn how to navigate the complex process of reuniting with family members in this essential guide! Read more
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Going To Any Lengths To Stay Sober

stay sober
If you are struggling with addiction, it's time to go to any lengths to stay sober. Sobriety is possible with the right mindset and dedication. Read more
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