Rent-A-Room Housing For Those Recovering from Addiction

What Is Rent A Room?

Beyond rehab, Rent-A-Room Housing provides low-cost, safe housing essential for those in recovery to return to healthy, productive living.

As Airbnb has grown in popularity in recent years for those traveling, so has the following grown for renting a room as a housing option. People worldwide are renting a room as a more affordable way to live in an expensive city. It has also become an innovative means of helping people struggling with addiction.

Rent A Room For Those In Recovery

Returning to a “normal” life after getting sober can be challenging, especially when looking for affordable housing. Several factors, including a criminal record or financial security, can limit a person’s options. Add to that being new to the job market to tighten the financial purse even more. And to complicate it further, housing prices are on the rise, and availability is challenging to find.

But it involves more than finding an affordable housing solution. The environment in which you live is critical in your efforts to stay sober. Therefore, having a safe and uncompromising living environment is essential to support your pathway to sobriety.

All this adds up to make it a seemingly impossible task to solve the housing dilemma. But Rent A Room offers a solution!

Roommates In Sobriety

Patty Baret and Lauren Arborio started Roommates in Sobriety out of a need for affordable housing and a safe, sober living environment. They tell their story in a blog on the website for Recovery Connection.

“My parents had cut me off . . . I had very little money and couldn’t afford to get my own apartment,” Baret admits. “I didn’t want to end up with a stranger from the classified section—I wanted somebody my age that was cool and sober. I wanted to live my life drug-free, and knew if I shared an apartment with someone getting high, I would be tempted to use.”

Arborio, then 24, was living in New York City, working as a stylist when she got sober. “I knew I had been out of control and living life of the edge, and it was time. . . . I always ended up renting from people that were partying hard and finding myself moving out just as quickly as I moved in.

Patty and Lauren created Roommates in Sobriety for people who were like them, “who didn’t want to come home to insanity, but to someone who got it, had similar interests, and wanted to create a safe, drug-free home.”

“Whether someone is looking for a new sober friend to get an apartment together, has a room to rent, or looking to rent a room, Roommates in Sobriety has been a great go-to free resource.”

Baret and Arborio’s story is a perfect example of the struggles those in recovery endure. Their solution illustrates the possibilities for those seeking a life of sobriety.

Sober Living

Sober Living is an organization founded by a man named Parker in the Dallas, Texas, area. The organization has seven housing locations. As they describe on their website:

“Sober living homes offer a compromise between the high structure and accountability found in a residential treatment program and the freedom and total lack of structure and accountability in an independent living situation.”

“Residents might live in single rooms or have a roommate, allowed to go out during the day and return to the house each night by curfew. Residents are typically required to find work, attend school, or be involved in an outpatient treatment program while in sober living. A manager who lives with the residents keeps track of them and holds them accountable, making sure they follow the rules and performing drug tests to ensure they are staying sober.”

As this description outlines, Sober Living offers a variation to the Rooms for Rent concept. The low-level structure, a part of their homes, provides an alternative many may need to stay on their pathway to long-term sober living.

Any Lengths

Any Lengths Affordable Housing provides a similar alternative for those living in the Kansas City area. As explained on the website:

“We specialize in various affordable housing alternatives, such as room-by-room rent, sober living, and long-term housing.

Our affordable housing “rent-a-room” option includes private, unfurnished bedrooms in traditional homes. The houses and common spaces are furnished with kitchenware, smart TVs, and furniture. All amenities/utility fees are shared among roommates. A security deposit, move-in fee, and first month’s program fee may be required at the time of move-in. 

Small families (i.e., one parent-one kid, a married couple, etc..) may be allowed (per city regulations), assuming the room size accommodates. Certain pets are permitted with additional stipulations.

Our residential rooms are technically a program in which you voluntarily enroll and agree to the rules. We must maintain basic group living policies to keep our program safe, clean, and functioning.”

You see a similar structure to that outlined on the Sober Living website in this description.

Any Lengths, with homes in Independence, MO, is new to the Kansas City area. Aaron, its founder, knows the ropes of recovery from addiction and maintaining a life of sobriety. He has walked that road himself and has since helped many achieve sobriety.

For more information about Any Lengths Affordable Housing, pull up their website at or text Kristina at ​816-519-4197.

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